Moving Sites - Site Fees

Over the past couple of weeks we have been receiving a number of enquiries about moving a Holiday Home between sites.

The main reason people decide to move sites is normally the excessive site fee that some of the large parks are charging. Our site fee being a very competitive £2135.00 without any rates bill on top, means that if some one makes the move to Pakefield they will generally make back the cost of the move within the first 2 years. There are no guarantees that we will have a free pitch suitable for your holiday home and the decision will depend on the age and size of the holiday home in question.

Here are some guidelines to the costs involved.

New Signage @ Pakefield Caravan Park
The coming on fee we charge will depend on the size of the holiday home, with holiday homes under 30ft long costing £1,000.00 and holiday homes under 35ft long costing £1,500.00. Any holiday home over 35ft long would cost £2,000.00. 

The fee will include: siting the holiday home, Steps, the first annual gas safety check and the first 3 yearly electrical safety check, a satellite dish and Freesat box and 2 x 47kg Gas Bottles.

These prices do not include site fee and transport. Verandas are not transferrable.

Transport can also vary depending on size and the distance the existing park is from us. For example a 10ft wide holiday home will cost less to transport than a 12ft wide holiday home due to the fact that no escort cars are needed for a 10ft.

New Signage @ Pakefield Caravan Park
So for example if you wanted to move a 2004, 28ft x 12 ft Carnaby Dovedale on to our site at the beginning of June the cost breakdown would look like this:

Coming on Fee               £1,000.00
Pro Rata Site Fee            £1,337.00
Total Fee                         £2,337.00 + Transport costs.

Your existing park will charge you a disconnection fee to take the holiday home off its pitch and you will have to contact them to find out how much this is.

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