Ollie "my doggie friends on the park"

Hi everybody my name is Ollie and I live on Pakefield Caravan Park in Suffolk. My Dad is the General Manager of the Park and my Mum looks after our accommodation to make sure that everyone who stays here has a great time in our lovely Holiday Caravans.
I have just come back from my stay with Uncle Brian in Norwich because my mum and dad went to Tenerife and although I love it there because he has a big paddock for me to run around with, with my friend Herbie, I miss all my little home comforts like my mashed potatoes on Sunday! Anyway they are back now so I am back to being pampered like all my doggie friends on the park who run and play on the beach here because it is pet friendly all year round.
I do get fed up sometimes because they are always talking about work and last night it was about how Lowestoft has been awarded the Blue Flag Beach Award and how busy it was going to be over the Bank Holiday. I had to keep nudging them to let them know that I NEEDED TO GO OUT FOR MY WALK.
Everybody says what a good looking boy I am and you will see from my picture that I am really handsome and all the ladies go after me when I am on the beach. I love it in the early mornings because the Sun Rises straight in front of our Park and I like to lay on the front Garden and have a little bark at people as they go past – I love it when they reach over to stroke me.
Well, I had better go now because my tummy is rumbling and I can smell something nice cooking – Mum always tells Dad not to feed me any of his tea but he always sneaks me some - he does not notice though that Mum does the same… hee hee hee.
I hope I will get lots of blogs from now on because I am now in charge of our blogging at Pakefield and I will be keeping everybody up to date with what is happening on the Park and what I get up to – I want to know what other people are up to because I am nosy (I think I get this from my Mum)!!

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  1. Hi Ollie - just thought I would drop you a line. My mum and dad have been reading your blog and you sound like the sort of dog I would like to know. Just to put you in the picture, my name is Robbie and I am a rescue dog, my mum and dad live with me in Spain but they have a holiday home where you live in Pakefield. I've seen pictures of it and it looks great. Most of mum and dads friends think they are mad because people usually live in England and have holiday homes in Spain lol. When they come over to England I go to stay with Auntie Gaynor and Uncle Les which is great cos they have lots of dogs and we all have a great time together but I would love to come to Pakefield and I really don't see why mum and dad don't bring me because I have a passport of my own. Also I'm not allowed on the beach here in Spain - mum and dad take me for walks down at the beach but it's not the same as running along on your own! I do agree with you about the swimming though, I really don't like water which dad says is a good thing because I don't jump into the swimming pool at home like some of my Spanish friends. Anyway I hope that we can be friends and keep in touch.

    Robbie Thompson