Ollies Diary - Episode 2

Woof everybody it’s me again with my latest blog about Pakefield Caravan Park in Suffolk.

As you can see from my photo I was having a well deserved nap when my Dad took it…..it’s hard work being a dog you know, eating, sleeping, walking, being loved…..mmmmm maybe it’s not that hard!!!

Well, it was bank holiday this week and there were lots of people on the park all having a good time and I heard people saying that the entertainment in the Club was really good at the weekend. It is really good to see people walking past our bungalow laughing and enjoying the fabulous sea views we have here – I did get into trouble a few times for barking, but how else do I get people to notice me?

The Swimming Pool is open now but I am not allowed in which is not fair although I am not too keen on the water because when I am on the beach I like to run and run but I don’t go in the sea because I don’t know if I can swim…..I see other dogs in there so I suppose I must be able to.

When I went for my walk the other day I went past the new Caravan that we have had delivered and WOW it looks great. It is a double glazed and centrally heated model called the Atlas Chorus. The seating looks really comfortable but I could only see through the door because I am not allowed in there either. Us dogs can’t understand why there are so many places we cannot go!

Our touring field is full at the moment and I have met a few doggy friends on there and they have told me that they love staying here because they get to go on the beach and run every day.

I went to Auntie Tiffanys this week to have my hair cut and it drives me mad when all the loose hair gets stuck in my ears so I was scratching until my Dad cleaned them….I made him chase me to do it and he was getting really annoyed so I let him catch me. Mum said she will be glad when I get older so that I go to sleep like Charlie and Bonzo next door, but how many five year olds want to sleep? I like to run, bark and be a pest!!

Well that’s it for this week but please look at our park and reply to me at pakefieldcaravanpark.co.uk because this park is a place for friends and I want lots of them!


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