Ollies Diary…Episode 3

Woof everybody it’s me again with my latest blog about Pakefield Caravan Park in Suffolk.

Well this week it has been quite windy here on the east coast but we have had very little rain again and what we have had has been in the night when I am tucked up in bed….hehehe!

When I was out on my walk the other day I saw that we had a sea view plot for sale so I dragged my Dad over there so I could have a good look and what a fantastic view it has. The Caravan that is going on there is a brand new Atlas Chorus priced at £34,995 to include a great veranda…….I want to know why I can’t live there so I can look out at the sea all day!!!

My Dad has been in a good mood this week because we are doing really well on holiday bookings and we have sold two caravans but we have had some new stock delivered already. Both of the new Caravans are 2007 models and they are double glazed, centrally heated and in mint condition – all for under £20,000 each……I bet they do not take long to sell.

We have got the David Bellamy Gold Award here and Trudi is coming next week to carry out our assessment for this year – I hope she does not see me chasing the birds off our garden!!

I went on the beach last Sunday morning and I saw that they had started to put in the information board for the Pakefield Cliff Top project which will give lots of information about wildlife in the area…I hope Trudi sees this.

We have some really good deals on our Silver Hire Fleet for 10th August and I think I heard them saying that there was 10% off, which is a great saving.

Well, I’m off now because I am hungry and I can see my chicken on the worktop ready to be put into my dish..YUMMY.

See you all soon….

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