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The Process

Buying a static caravan holiday home is a major lifestyle choice. Doing so enables you to own a “home from home”; somewhere relaxing to escape to when it's time for a hard-earned break from the daily grind.
Owning your own holiday caravan also gives you a base from which to enjoy fantastic holidays with your nearest and dearest, year after year.
However, the process of searching for, and subsequently purchasing, a holiday caravan can be an overwhelming one. With so much choice on offer – in terms of caravan models, park and  location – choosing the unit that best suits your needs means grappling with a vast amount of data. The key to making the right choice is to filter out all the bumf, leaving you with only useful and pertinent info.

 Questions to ask before you buy...


The purchase of a static caravan holiday home should be approached in the right way. Don’t think of it as a financial investment, rather as a long-term lifestyle choice.
Talk to a static caravan owner about the benefits of purchasing a holiday home unit and they are likely to list things like “improved family time”, “a more relaxed life” and “truckloads of fond memories” among the perks. They are less likely to mention things like “profits” or “financial investment”, as these are often non-existent. Enter into the purchase for the right reasons or be disappointed; the choice is yours.

To recoup some of the cost of owning a holiday caravan, you can sublet your unit to other tenants when you aren’t using it. However, this is only managing the expenditure; you are still unlikely to turn a financial profit from your caravan.

Park Location

It goes without saying that the location of your holiday caravan is vital to your enjoyment of it. You’re purchasing a holiday home in a place where you hope to be able to enjoy year upon year of top quality holidays, so choose a location that you are in love with.
Distance from your home is another thing to take into account. How much of a difference this makes really depends on  how you intend to use your caravan; if you favour regular weekend breaks over  bi-annual, multi-week getaways, a caravan within a couple of hours drive from your home is the best bet.

If you plan to be away for several weeks at a time, once or twice a year, you will have more scope in terms of where to site your holiday caravan. However, if you plan to give your family and friends access to your holiday caravan also, this may influence your choice of location.

With a rough area in mind, it’s time to focus on what the locality can offer you; things like visitor attractions, outdoor activities and access to local countryside are all factors that can make a certain holiday location more attractive than another.

Points to Consider:

  • How far is the caravan from your home?
  • For how long do you plan to visit at a time?
  • How far is the caravan from the homes of other uses, such as friends and family?
  • What local attractions are nearby?

    The Park

    Choosing a location that suits you is only part of the process. Most popular tourist destinations in the UK will boast substantial numbers of parks, all with their own pros and cons and with features that will suit different users.
    Pakefield Caravan Park Entrance

    Visiting the park before you decide to make a purchase is vital. How can you be sure that you’ve found a caravan park that you are 

    going to get years of holiday enjoyment out of if you've never visited it?
    Whether you visit the park on a sales day, visit a friend’s caravan on the park or even rent a caravan of your own for a short holiday, getting up close and personal with the park before you buy is vital to making the right choice.
    Not only will you be able to get a sense of what it would be like to live on the park, this will also give you the opportunity to meet with the sales team and take a look at the different floor plans and layouts of the caravans that the park have on offer. At Pakefield Caravan Park, if you decide to take a holiday with a view to possibly purchasing a caravan, let us know; we will take the  cost of your holiday off the purchase price if you decide to purchase a caravan from us.
    When selecting a park, it is best to try to narrow your search to parks that offer specifically what you are looking for. Most parks will be tailored to suit the needs of certain “user profiles”; i.e. families with young children, young adults or retirees. The main differences will be found in the facilities that each park has to offer: While parks aimed at younger people with have more in the way of evening entertainment, a park aimed at families with young children will have facilities tailored to the needs of such youngsters. Another difference will be found in the atmosphere of the park, with parks aimed at retirees having a far quieter, more relaxed atmosphere than one with young children on it.

    Pakefield Caravan Park enjoys a stunning, peaceful setting on the Sunrise Coast of Suffolk. With fabulous sea views and direct access to a sand and shingle beach, Pakefield is the ideal base from which to explore the coastal resorts and villages of Suffolk and Norfolk. 

    While our park is open for 9 months of the year, closing for several weeks for maintenance during the off-season, some parks will be open for the full 12 months. However, it should be noted that owning a caravan on a 12-month park is not a license to move into the park permanently; a holiday caravan is a holiday caravan, after all, and should be treated as such.

    Park Checklist:

  • Get to know the park.
  • Decide whether the park feels right for you.
  • Check out the park's facilities.
  • Enquire about events on the park.
  • Find out how long your holiday park is open throughout the season
  • Find out how long you can site your Static Caravan on your pitch. 

On our next post we will look at the running costs and things to look out for.

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