So your thinking about owning a Static Holiday Caravan!!! - Part 2

Running Costs at Pakefield.

As with any big purchase, cost is a major thing to consider. As well as the initial capital outlay associated with buying your holiday caravan, there will also be additional and ongoing running costs to bear in mind.
The ongoing running costs of a holiday caravan will be broken down into the following components:
  1. Site Fees - This is effectively the rent on the plot of land upon which your caravan is sited. Site fees are charged annually and will be invoiced out on the 1st January every year. At Pakefield Caravan Park we give you up to 1st March to pay them in full, although if paid before the end of January you will receive an early payment discount. Before purchasing your caravan it is worth researching historic price increases, as this will allow you to budget approximately for any price increases that the park may apply at a later date.
  2. Gas - Gas is a vital source of power to your holiday caravan. This is will be supplied by the 47Kg gas  bottles, and will be delivered and connected by our maintenance staff.
  3. Electricity - Electricity is another vital source of power to your holiday caravan. Each caravan is individually metered. The rate that you will pay will be the same as the rate we pay the power company, we do not add anything onto the unit rate.
  4. Insurance - In the modern world, insurance is necessary on most things, particularly things as valuable as a static caravan. Insure the caravan’s full value and that of its contents; this will provide cover and peace of mind should the worst happen.
  5. General Maintenance - Thanks to modern building materials and techniques, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern for you. These days, static caravans are well put together units, leaving caravan owners only responsible for the most basic of maintenance. Remember that, while caravan warranties can be extended, most will not cover damage caused by regular wear and tear. Please check out the section on regular tests and maintenance below.
  6. Finance Arrangements - If you purchased your holiday caravan on finance, always remember to factor any monthly finance payments into your budget. At Pakefield we do not offer any finance packages, we have found that our customers get a better rate of interest if they go through their own bank or source their own finance.
  7. TV Licence - Do I need a TV Licence for a static caravan holiday home on a UK Park? - As an owner of a static holiday caravan situated on a UK park (for non-residential use) it is not mandatory as long as you have a valid TV licence at your main residence. However, this is on the understanding that the TV in your main residence will not be in use at the same time as the TV in your static caravan. If this scenario is possible, perhaps due to older children staying at home, you will need an additional licence. For more information – please check with the TV Licensing Website click here

   Renting / Subletting


Renting and subletting your caravan when you aren’t using it are popular ways to subsidise the running costs of the unit. While you are unlikely to turn a profit from your caravan, subletting in this way can help you recoup some or even all of the annual fees and running costs, although it does cut down on your own leisure time as subletting your caravan decreases the amount of time you can use it for holidays and personal use. It’s important to strike a balance between maximising your revenue from renting and enjoying some quality time on holiday.


It's a harsh fact of caravan ownership: the value of your static caravan will depreciate. This cannot be avoided.

This is why, at Pakefield Caravan Park, we reiterate that the purchase of a holiday caravan should not be treated as an economic investment. Instead, it is a long term investment in your LEISURE TIME. Its value should be derived from the great holiday times and treasured memories that are generated in and around the unit. If you hope to make a profit from selling your caravan on, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

If you decide the time has come to move on there are 3 options open to you depending on the age of your caravan.

Option 1 :- The park may make you an offer to purchase the caravan back. If you decide to accept the offer we will generally be able to get the payment to you within seven days. The park will make an offer on  caravans that are 8 years old or younger.

Option 2 :- If the caravan is 12 years or younger you are allowed to sell the caravan privately on park, although this may not be on the existing pitch. All private sales must be completed through the park office and a commission will be due to the Park.  While this option may be more effective in terms of the price you receive, it may end up costing you more as there are no guarantees if & when someone might purchase your caravan and you could end up paying another site fee if it hasn't sold by the start of the next season.

Option 3:- Any caravan can be sold off park to a dealer. with this option there will be a disconnection fee to pay, for the park to get the caravan into a position were the dealer can pick it up from. if you wish to go down this route we can either give you the numbers of the local dealers or we can all them in for you.

Regular Tests and Maintenance

Every caravan on our park needs to have the Gas System tested for safety on a yearly basis and a copy of the certificate will be held in the office. every 4 to 5 years the rubber Pig tails and the Gas Flexi hose will need replacing as over time these can become perished. this can be done in conjunction with the gas test.

An Electrical Safety check will also be needed, this needs to be done every 3 years with the certificate being held in the office.

At the end of the season all caravans need to be drained of water and winterised. this can be done by yourself although we recommend you use check with your insurer to see if this contravenes your policy. we do offer a drain down service which will include the reconnection of the caravan for the start of the new season.

If you have any questions about anything I haven't covered even even things that I have, please call us on 01502 561136, email us at or ask in the comments section below.


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